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When are Physicals Needed?

Part of keeping your child healthy is making sure that you can reduce your child’s risk of injury when participating in sports and activities and making sure that any major illnesses are caught early. The best way to ensure all of this is by making sure your child has their annual physical. Your pediatricians at Pediatric & Adolescent Care in Gaithersburg, MD, can help you stay up to date on school physicals and make sure that your child is in the best shape possible to enjoy all their favorite activities without fear of injury.

When are Physicals Needed?

Typically, you should make sure your child gets a physical with their pediatrician in Gaithersburg, MD, once a year, normally before school starts. This way, you can make sure that they’re not dealing with undiagnosed issues that could interfere with the learning process and you can make sure that your child is healthy enough to play sports. Even if your child isn’t playing a group sport, you should still get them a physical to make sure they can participate in other activities.

During a physical, your child’s pediatrician will check their blood pressure, weight, and height. From there, they’ll go through their medical history and find out what complications they may be at risk for. Your pediatrician is just looking for any signs of something that could impact their ability to play sports or increase their risk of injury.

Even if your child is dealing with a health problem, your pediatrician will be able to help them manage this issue and make sure they can still properly participate and make any lifestyle changes necessary.

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