Child Health & Development Interactive System

Our practice is pleased to announce that we are expanding our use of CHADIS, an interactive online system developed by Johns Hopkins University pediatric specialists, which screens for developmental, social, emotional and behavioral problems.

This system allows the child's caregivers to provide more in-depth observations of their child to the child's health care providers through the use of confidential online questionnaires. Done prior to the office visit, the information you provide will help in the early identification and treatment of these important issues. The use of pre-visit questionnaires like CHADIS is supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

We are currently using the CHADIS system for all check-up visits and all behavior visits. For this tool to be successful, we need your help by completing these brief questionnaires a few days prior to your office visit. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Go online to and register your child.
  2. The "invitation code" for our office is our phone number 3018692292. Create your password.
  3. For checkups , when asked visit type, choose "well child/checkup visit." You will see the age appropriate tests for your child. Select "begin" and complete all the questionnaires listed. It is normal for some of the questions to seem too mature for your child.
  4. For behavioral concerns , when asked visit type, choose "behavior/emotions or developmental visit." Teachers can also be invited to provide information. In this section there are several screens. The Vanderbilt is a screen for inattention, anxiety, depression, and conduct disorder, and one which teachers are very familiar with. SCARED is more specific for anxiety. PSC-17 provides a general overview of your child's mental health. If you have behavioral concerns about your child, we would like you to complete all of these screens to help us help your child.
    In addition, the PHQ is a depression screen for teenagers, which they should complete themselves. If they cannot complete it online, they can do this one at the office.
  5. To see resources, notes, and suggestions prepared specifically for you, go to your MemoryBook Care Portal on the CHADIS website. It is in the same place where you take questionnaires.
    Log on to , click 'Go' next to the patient's name, and click on 'Go' below 'Memory Book/Care Portal'.
    Explore the 'Visit Notes', 'Resources', and 'Find Resources' tabs on your Memory Book/Care Portal page.
  6. Here are some additional Chadis Links.

    Video for how to use chadis:

    For new patients:

    For New Patients in Spanish

    For returning patients:

    Video link for how CHADIS creates a memory book for the patient as they complete the questionnaires.

    How to invite a teen, teacher and how to fill out chadis:

Your provider will discuss the results at the check-up or behavioral visit. We appreciate your participation as it helps us provide your child with the best care possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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