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ADHD Evaluation FAQs

How your pediatricians in Gaithersburg, MD, can help your child with ADHD

Occasional misbehaving is normal in children, but if your child has great difficulty paying attention, loses things, or doesn’t complete tasks, your child could have attention deficit disorder, or ADHD. Your pediatrician can evaluate and treat ADHD.

The pediatricians at Pediatric & Adolescent Care in Gaithersburg, MD, provide comprehensive medical services for children, including ADHD evaluation and treatment.

If you are wondering if your child has ADHD, you need to know the facts. These are a few frequently asked questions and answers about ADHD:

What Is ADHD?

Attention deficit disorder is a developmental condition resulting in difficulty with focus, attention, concentration, and other learning issues.

What Are Some Signs and Symptoms of ADHD?

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) there are several signs and symptoms of ADHD including problems with:

  • Paying attention
  • Following directions
  • Concentrating or listening
  • Getting or staying organized
  • Focusing and completing tasks
  • Forgetting or losing things

How Can My Pediatrician Evaluate ADHD?

Evaluation of ADHD begins with a complete medical examination. The examination includes developmental testing to determine if your child is on track to achieve normal developmental milestones.

Your pediatrician will also ask you questions about your child’s behavior, lifestyle, diet, and other factors. Others, including members of your household, and your child’s teacher may also be consulted.

How Is ADHD Treated?

Treatment for ADHD typically consists of several types of therapy, including:

  • Behavioral therapy and behavioral management, to help control behavioral issues
  • Medication therapy, to help with focus and brain function
  • Nutritional and lifestyle therapy, to help increase nutrient intake, exercise, and other healthy habits

To learn more about the evaluation and treatment of attention deficit disorder, call the pediatricians at Pediatric & Adolescent Care in Gaithersburg, MD. You can reach them in the office by calling (301) 869-2292, so call now.

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