ADD Evaluation & Treatment

ADD Evaluation & Treatment

With our team at Pediatric & Adolescent Care, the care and well-being of your child always comes first. That’s why our ADD evaluation & treatment is considered one of the best in Gaithersburg, MD. We’re here to work with you to discern whether or not your child’s behavior includes signs and symptoms of ADD, and if so, walk your family through the treatment process as it unfolds. And to get started, let’s learn a bit more about ADD itself.

What is ADD?

ADD is an older term for what is now most commonly referred to as ADHD, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Within the umbrella term, a child could be diagnosed with one of three types of ADHD:

  1. Impulsive and hyperactive type
  2. Inattentive and distractible type
  3. Combined type

As the names indicate, there are different ways ADHD can present. While there is no known cause, both genetics and the environment can play a factor in the way a child with ADHD processes the world. One of the trademark differences lies in the brain’s dopaminergic pathway, or how those with ADHD are chemically-wired to seek activities that give them more dopamine. It’s important to note that any behavioral issues stem from these chemical differences and not necessarily a lack of effort.

Our ADD evaluation & treatment in Gaithersburg, MD is designed to determine which, if any, of the types pertain to your child and will direct how we proceed. 

Symptoms to look out for

Wondering if your child might have ADHD? While symptoms can vary, the following tend to be tell-tale signs:

  • Consistent careless errors
  • Trouble paying attention at school, at home, or both
  • Difficulty managing or organizing time-consuming and boring tasks
  • Trouble remaining calm or sitting still, often accompanied by fidgeting or stimming
  • Finding themselves easily distracted
  • An aversion to avoiding dangerous situations or reckless behavior
  • Interruption or inability to wait one’s turn
  • Forgetfulness or a general aloof-appearing demeanor

Get ADD Evaluation & Treatment in Gaithersburg, MD

ADD can be tough to live with for both those diagnosed and their family, but the good news is there’s hope. Treatments include both medication and non-medical therapeutic modalities, and our doctors at Pediatric & Adolescent Care. can help. Not only can you look forward to reduced symptoms and stress, but it will help your child navigate the world in a way that works for them, both now and as they grow older.

If you think your child might have ADD, get in touch with us for ADD evaluation & treatment in Gaithersburg, MD at (301) 869-2292 to set up your appointment today.

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